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Give Me That Look


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Vocal and rhythm guitar by Tim Magnus.
Vocal harmony and electric guitar by Steve Normand.
Vocal harmony by Tom Magnus.




Give Me That Look
Words& Music by Tim Magnus 2004
I don't think I could ever go on without you by side Loving this much could never be wrong,
if it is it could end my life
You're part of me now, the best part of life,
why I wake up every day
The way that you laugh, the way that you sleep,
most of all the way that you play
Oh, oh, give me that smile, make laugh out loud today
Oh, oh give me that look and you know you'll get your way Good times behind and much more ahead,
but the best times are right now
When I walk in the door you run to my arms
and I renew every vow
Give me that chance to be near your flames
feel your heart beating through the years
Give me your hands let me guide you
through the darkest of your fears.
Oh, oh, it's so crystal clear
why I've been placed on this earth
Oh, oh, now I realize
just how much I could get hurt



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