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Don't Let Me Go (acoustic)





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Vocal and rhythm guitar by Tim Magnus.
Vocal harmony and violin by Steve Normand.
Vocal harmony by Tom Magnus.

This version was recorded live in studio, during a jam in June 2004. The news that we had just released the studio version of Don't Let Me Go as an MP3 file download for 79 inspired Tim to begin singing this soulful version, with Steve joining in on violin, and Tom adding harmony vocals.


Don't Let Me Go

Music and lyrics by Tom Magnus

Don't let me go.
In your heart you know
I will always stay.
Don't let me go Don't let me go.

Until the stars
Fall into the sea
I'll be there for you,
Please be there for me.

Sailing again
Ride the waves and wind.
I will always go
Don't make me stay
Don't make me stay.

Until the mountains
Become a beach of sand,
By your side I will always stand.

Choices we make
About the paths we take.
'tween my love of the sea,
Stay warm and dry
Sail away with me.

Until the trees grow
Across the sky,
To win your love
I will always try.

2003 Tom Magnus







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